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Ponyville &The Equestria Games

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   Around the time my daughter, Alyvia, turned 7 she was really into My Little Pony. She loved the show and the movies, including Equestria Girls. When we began discussing her birthday party, it was a no brainer we had to do something that involved ponies. In the My Little Pony world there are Unicorns, Alicorns, Land Ponies and Pegasuses. I wanted to capture the feeling of that world by bringing Ponyville to life, kind of, in our backyard.

   The experience began with Pinkey Pie welcoming everyone to Ponyville. Rarity's Boutique was set up under a tree near the entrance of the backyard. As the kids arrived, this was their first stop. There they created unique T-shirts. The girls used fabric glue to enhance tank tops that had purple unicorns that I cut out and glued on (pics coming soon). The guys laid horse shapes and letters on their dark T-shirts, then sprayed them with a bleach water mixture (I'll show you how to do that in a later post), and created one-of-a-kind looks.

    Once all the children arrived, the ponies were brought out. At the time we lived really close to several farms. I called around to places that gave horse riding lessons and was able to secure a horse and pony. I asked the owner if she could decorate them. She said, yes. I also ordered a unicorn headband for one of the horses. I was able to get a discount on the horses by giving the owner the unicorn band for future use.

   I also ordered haystacks from a local farm for the kids to lounge on while they waited to ride. I asked the guy for a discount if I would allow him to come back and get them after the party. He agreed and knocked the price down.

   I covered the tables with burlap table runners over pink table cloths for the kids and white for the adults. A few weeks earlier, I made mason jars for drinking glasses (I have a link to purchase them already made). I accented the food and drink tables with mini hay bales and used glass drink dispensers for the drinks.

    After they ate, the kids had a ball burning off the food during the Equestria Games, which I set up in the center of the yard. We used bandanas for the three-legged race and burlap sacks for the sack race. Other games were the wheel barrel race, balloon toss and a few others.

   Another fun addition to this party were the cowboy hats and bandanas that were given to the kids while they waited for their pony rides. All can be found on

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