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Ideas for a Posh Party w/out the Posh Price Tag

    Parties can be so much fun. I enjoy throwing a good party for my children, my husband and myself. Here I will share some of the parties I've thrown over the years. I'll also give you the fine details that make them special. My goals with every party I throw are that they must be fun, out of the box, and kept within a reasonable budget. Where I understand budgets are relative, I use a lot of inexpensive tools that not only save money, but also help to create a fabulous outcome. I don't like the idea of the same old plastic table cloth, generic party favors, and pizza and punch. Although this works for a regular party, if you have a desire to throw a posh party that feel like something a little different, this is the blog for you.

    The best way to make sure that your party is cohesive from beginning to end is to start with a theme. When I throw parties for my daughters, I ask several months in advance, "What kind of party would you like to have this year." My girls, who are never short on ideas are always very vocal with their visions and dreams. And believe me, they dream big. I love this part because it allows me to shape their ideas, no matter how over-the-top, into a party that is filled with activities, food, and an atmosphere that captures the essence of their vision.

    With my own parties, I do the same thing. I think big and explore all the possibilities of a good theme. I write down all of my thoughts, I search the internet for inspiration, then I begin to plan. Once a get a theme, as long as I stay on topic, I am able to create a party.

    Check out some of the parties that I have featured here to get ideas for your next posh party without the posh price tag.

Setting up your back yard as a destination is a fun way to spark imagination and fun for kids of all ages.

Little details turn ordinary into extraordinary

Dress up and pretend make birthday parties magical!

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