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The No More Excuses: Stand Up! Conference is now put on by the S.T.A.N.D.U.P, a 501c3 which is operated by Tajuana TJ Butler-Jackson and her husband, Robert Jackson, since 2013. The Stand Up Conference is held every year in May in Indianapolis, Indiana, where men of all ages come together through interactive workshops. The goal of the conference is to break generational curses and to equip men to become better accountable for their actions and to be challenged to increase value for education.

In addition to speakers, enjoy breakfast, lunch, snacks, conference T-shirt and a conference bag. There is also an interactive exhibitor area for organizations to share beneficial information with attendees.

An additional benefit to attendees are the give-a-ways. Each year attends win bikes, laptops, ipads, gift cards and other great gifts. Seniors and college students walk away with scholarship money.

For more information about the conference, including how to attend, how to sponsor, or how to exhibit, please visit the site:

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I founded Lavelle Publishing in 1997 with the release of my first poetry book, The Desires of A Woman: Poems Celebrating Womanhood. I was 26 years old. I published my second book Sorority Sisters in 1998. Sorority Sisters was picked up by Villard Books, a division of Random House and rereleased in 2000. Over 80,000 copies have been sold. So much has happened in my life since the release of my first books. I am thankful for the twist and turns that has been my journey. My life lessons have made me wiser, more grounded and more secure in who I am. One thing that I have realized is that not only do I love to write, but I like to express my writing through different genres. As you explore my site, you will see what I mean.



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