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New City, New Website, New Outlook on Life

My move with my family came sudden, not necessarily unexpectedly, but definitely sudden. My husband and I and our daughters had planned to visit Atlanta for a few days to check out gymnastics gyms for my oldest daughter and to have a photo shoot with Drea Nicole for my website, and to look at houses. The thought was that if we found one that we couldn't refuse putting an offer on, we would make the offer and go back home to Indy, put the house on the market to sell and begin preparing for the move. That didn't happen, because my daughter got an opportunity of a lifetime with a great gymnastics gym. The problem: It would require us to stay in the city, because she had to immerse herself into the program immediately. It was an easy decision to make, "YES!" But the logistics were tricky and tedious. This great opportunity would mean that the girls and I would have to cancel our flight back to Indianapolis. We wouldn't be able to get more clothes, and the creature comforts that would make staying here easier, especially for the girls. We would have to stay in Atlanta with no laid out plan of action.

When faced with such a life changing decision, I thought of a door man that I ran into years ago while in New York on a book tour. He was an older friendly upbeat man who had worked for years at the hotel I stayed in. While waiting for a cab each day, I couldn't help but chat with him. He was energetic, friendly and seemed happy and at peace. He shared with me that when he was in his early twenties, he had planned to move to St. Louis. He had a layover on his train or bus (I can't remember which) in New York. He never intended to live in New York, but when he got immersed into the city, he knew it was where he needed to be. It was a feeling of home. So he stayed. "Best decision I've ever made," he told me.

Sometimes you have to go with your gut, step outside of your comfort zone, and take a chance. We didn't choose a house from our viewings, we hadn't yet sold our home in Indianapolis. So I stepped it into high gear and began searching for short-term, comfortable, safe lodging for the girls and me. Within a couple of days, I found a short-term apartment to lease at a reasonable price, in the areas in which we would like to permanently settle. As nice as it was, the place was unfurnished. Because I like to ball on a budget I went goodwill hunting at several "boutiques" as my aunt calls thrift stores. I found substantial, classy looking pieces at a fraction of the cost of consignment, and new purchases to set up shop until we sell our home and find a new home and are able to ship our furniture here. I love my pieces so much that several of them will make the cut into the house when we move.

My son, who is a student at Morehouse, and was home in Indy for the summer informed me that he was gonna drive down and stay with us. That was great news. Not only would the girls have their big brother around, but the move sparked his first long distance road trip alone. I was so proud of him. He even brought us a few thing from the house with him.

My husband, who has a busy tour schedule during the summer had to also go back and put our house on the market to be sold. He will divide his time between Atlanta and Indianapolis until the house is sold. At some point I will need to get back to Indianapolis to help close out the house, but until then, I am working on my new website and blog. I am basking in the possibility of what God has for me and my family in Metro Atlanta. I believe that He commands his angels concerning us to guide and protect us in all of our ways and I know that all is well and that this move however spontaneous and unplanned is right for our family.

Maybe one day someone will ask me about this time in my life and I will tell them, "Best decision I've ever made!"

Genesis 28:15 (NIV)

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go...

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