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Sorority Sisters

A Novel

By Tajuana Butler

Reviews for Sorority Sisters


Tajuana [TJ] Butler's ripe novel Sorority Sisters...lifted the veil on life on line...Not since Spike Lee's School Daze and the much loved sitcom A Different World has the Black experience on campus been this intriguing and, at times, funny.



"Butler realistically captures the trials and tribulations of African-American college women. . . . Rarely has there been a depiction of African-American college life as vivid and accurate as Sorority Sisters."
–Lawrence C. Ross, Jr., author
The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities

"Sorority Sisters examines the issues facing women walking a tightrope between the teen years and adulthood. . . . The fact that the author provided a peek into the pledge process of African-American sororities made the book even more tasty."

"Butler’s approach to the issues surrounding sororities and fraternities, sex and relationships, friendships and sisterhood, [is] genuine and down to earth. Sorority Sisters is a relaxing read that offers a trip down memory lane for some and a heads-up for others."
—Black Issues Book Review

"Tajuana ‘TJ’ Butler scores big. . . . Serious subtexts involving STDs and loyalty never come across as preachy. Butler keeps her prose light and entertaining, making Sorority Sisters an enjoyable page-turner."
—Honey magazine

This is a surprisingly good novel for a first-timer, Sorority Sisters keeps the pages turning.

Butler writes a very engaging story about five African American college women struggling with campus life and the rigors of pledging ... Each woman matures to confront her insecurities through sheer determination to survive not only the pledging process but also the rite of passage between friends and the unique bonds of sorority sisterhood

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