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Sorority Sisters

A Novel

By Tajuana Butler

Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. There are several aspects of sisterhood between the major and minor characters. Discuss. As a reader, whose sister-to-sister relationship impacted you most?

2. The five main characters bonded within a short period of time. Does their friendship seem genuine? Given their diverse backgrounds, would they have bonded meeting under "normal" circumstances?

3. What is the central conflict of Sorority Sisters? What additional conflicts are implied in the story?

4. Where and how does the mood of the story change? Is there a reversal?

5. Compare and contrast the following: Tiara’s background with Stephanie’s Chancey and Don’s relationship with Malena and Ray’s Which characters are most similar-, different?

6. Of the male characters, Jason, Don, Ray, Eric, Ben, Jeff, and Scott, who are protagonists, antagonists? Are the male characters realistic? Why, why not?

7. How do you think the mothers, whether or not they were introduced as characters, affected each of the main characters’ transitions away from them? The fathers?

8. It’s obvious that Stephanie’s character evolved from being insecure to becoming one of the stronger characters; in what other ways did she and the other characters grow?

9. How do you suppose Tiara would have reacted in Cajen’s situation with Jason?

10. There is no mention in the story of the actual name of the university the story takes place, or the sorority that the young ladies pledge. In what way did that affect your perception of the story?

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